June 2, 2010


Good job Kaylen; you're on a role.

First it was the sprained ankle in Fall '08, then the sprained wrist in Winter '10. And now a broken pinky toe.

Now you've succeeded in increasing the size of your pinky toe and turning it into a lovely shade of blue and purple. Just the colors you love. I'm sure you all love my sarcasm. I just have to say I am so frustrated with myself right now.

Lets hope I can handle the pain I know is to come tomorrow as I stand for 8 hours at work. Joy.

Excuse my disgusting looking feet. I haven't really felt like making them look presentable.

On a good note:
1. I got a letter from Chase, this week. He's doing good and I'm so proud of him!
2. Neil comes to visit next week!

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