June 13, 2010

Neil Came

Neil came to visit me! I was so happy and excited. He arrived on Wednesday night and left right after church today. It was so good to see him and it made me realise as to how much I miss having him around. Only a few more months left till next semester starts, and I'll get to spend time with him everyday.

His visit kept me busy instead of my usual daily routine of going to work, the gym and then being lazy the rest of the day. I still had to work, but was able to move my schedule around so that way I got off early. We were able to spend time with Neil's brother and sister-in-law Brandon and Demarae, and also their cute daughter Maggie. Thursday night we went to their house in Idaho Falls for dinner and to play games. Friday we went and saw How to Train a Dragon, which I must say was a really good movie. It is most definitely one that I would go and see again.

Saturday was the day I was looking forward to. Saturday was Jackson Hole. Most of you know that I lived there two years ago for a summer. I love Jackson. I love every chance that I get to go. Neil had never been before so I was more than willing enough to show him around. I even got my Chinese food from my favorite Chinese restaurant, Chinatown. I have to admit, it just wasn't the same eating there without Noel, but it was still good.



Previous to making the trip, Neil had looked up some geocaches located around Jackson. One of them was to stand underneath the arches in the main square and have someone on a computer save the picture of you from the webcam. This is us. We had Demarae take the picture for us. It was cool, but at the same time a little weird having someone not in Jackson seeing what we were doing.


After Jackson Hole, we returned to Rexburg for Guitars Unplugged. I was disappointed in this semesters show. Everyone else I had talked to was also disappointed. These past few semesters Guitars has been going downhill, which is really sad because it is the main event of the semester in which everyone looks forward to. I do have to say that the company was really nice though. ; )

These past few days were really nice to be able to spend time with Neil. He likes to play games with me so I got my fill of Five Crowns and Rummikube. I may have beat him at Five Crowns but he got me in Rummikube.

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