April 5, 2010

On Friday, Neil had an idea for how he wanted to decorate Easter eggs this year. On his mission he learned how the members there celebrated Easter. Their technique was by cutting the tops off the eggs and draining the yoke. Next wash out the eggs and let them dry. Once they were dry, you color on them and dye them. After letting the eggs dry you fill them with confetti and cover the tops with tissue paper. Then on Easter, while you are searching for the eggs, whenever you find one of these you run to the closest person and crack them over their heads.

When Neil was first explaining this to me, I had to listen to a voicemail. I was extremely confused at first because all I got from his message was Mexicans and cracking eggs over peoples head. I had to listen to the voicemail again and actually call him back to understand what his plan was. He explained to me that this is a tradition he wants to start back in Washington.

So after we went lazer tagging at the Craze with Steve and Michelle, we headed back to Neil's place to start the first part of his new tradition. We knew we wouldn't have enough time to finish the eggs, so we planned on continuing it the next night after priesthood session of conference.

We were able to get the yokes out and dye the eggs, but we waited till the next day to fill then with confetti.

This is one of Neil's eggs. He drew a hopscotch and a road on it, showing our fun experience the other night dodging cars trying to draw a hopscotch in the crosswalk.

You can't really tell but on mine there is a ninja. I've kind of gotten into an obsession of drawing ninjas. Too much MLIA.

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