April 1, 2010

The Jokes on Us.

April Fools!

The jokes on us.

Good one Rexburg.

Gah I HATE snow. It's been snowing all day.

I found this on Stumbleupon.com and I got a good laugh. Made my day.


Last night when Neil walked me home, we decided to connect the lines in the crosswalk. I always try jumping to each line, but once it gets to the middle the lines have faded so I always fail, because I don't know where I'm suppose to jump. We decided to fix that and took my 3D chalk and drew a hopscotch in the middle. This was not an easy task, since we kept having to dodge cars that were on their way home. It was totally worth it though. We even succeeded in getting a couple crossers to actually use our creation.

Sadly it snowed this morning and so our hop scotch disappeared. Darn snow. Neil says we'll just have to do it again during the day. That will be even more exciting trying to dodge more cars. Haha... it'll be worth it.

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