April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend Fun

Ok so this is backwards, so If you want to read the beginning of the weekend you have to start two posts down and work your way up.

In between conference sessions Neil came over and we headed to Porter park to start our Easter egg hunt. We chose the area with the water park, because there wasn't that much snow. Since there was only two of us and we had to split up the water park in half. Neil hid half the eggs on one half of the park and I hid the other eggs on the other. In was a lot of fun hiding and finding the eggs. It was especially fun once we found some of the eggs that had confetti in them. Cracking them over each other's head was a thrill.

The result of having confetti filled eggs cracked over our heads.

After our Easter egg hunt we went back to my apartment to watch the last session of General Conference. For Easter dinner we went back over to Neil's brother and sister in-law apartment.

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