March 21, 2010

R Mountain Adventure

Hiking R Mountain
I have been in Rexburg for almost four years now and have never hiked R Mountain. I know it's like a sin to have never hiked it, and I'm sorry for that. Truly I am. I've always wanted to go, but the opportunity had never come. Well at least not when I was able to. At least not until Neil and I started talking about hiking up there, and I had mentioned that I had never been up there. Friday night Neil said he would take me up there the next day, and at first I wasn't too keen on the idea because it still wasn't that warm out and I wasn't sure what the weather would be like so I said maybe.

Saturday morning I woke up kind of early, thanks to the birds chirping outside. I wasn't too annoyed because I instantly thought about Neil's offer, and after looking out my window; seeing the blue skies, and checking the weather forecast on my computer I knew it would be a perfect day. I waited a few hours to call him and see if he was still up to it, which he was. So an hour later we got a GPS, packed out packs, grabbed my camera and set out for an adventure.

Here is Neil. He is so ready for this hike. It was quite an adventure. At one point we got off the trail and just started climbing over rocks and through bushes.

While we were driving up we could see that there was snow on the mountain. Luckily there wasn't that much, but at points it was fun to walk through it, even making a small snowman at one point.

Neil introduced me to Geocaching on this hike. We had talked about going and doing it before, so we set out for the treasure hunt. Neil already knew where the cache was because he had already found it before, but it was fun for me to try and use the GPS.

For those of you who don't know what Geocaching is, it is basically a treasure hunt. You can go online and look for different locations of Geocaches in your area and get the coordinates. Then you use a GPS to find the cache. Each cache is different and contains different things, and can be different sizes. Most of them contain log books where you can write your name, date, if you were trading something out. Then when you are done and get home you can go online to your Geocaching account and log your find. Its really cool and way fun to do.

I found the cache... It's good to know that I can use a GPS. I will admit though, Neil did help a little in telling me whether or not I was hot or cold in finding it. Thanks Neil.

There were lots of rocks to climb, which was fun. At some points I got nervous and didn't climb, but Neil had no fear.

Hello Rexburg, You are so tiny. At this part we had to run up to get to the top of it. This part was cool because you were running up a really steep incline, but you wouldn't slip because the traction of your shoes stuck to the rock. It was also very windy up here. We had fun pretending we were falling against the wind, as you can tell from a couple of pictures below.

After we got back from hiking R Mountain and Neil cooked up his delicious burritos we decided we should do some more Geocaching around campus. As we were walking back to my apartment so that way I could change shoes we passed some benches in front of the Hart with writing in front of them.

Saturday was a fun filled day. Lots of walking around, enjoying the beautiful weather, treasure hunting. It was a great day.

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