March 12, 2010

In Idaho We Blow Things Up

Now I know what you are all thinking. I'm sure you've already seen the video I posted on Facebook.

I just have to say it was totally worth it. And sooooooooooo much fun!!

Sam who is in my ward and also in my personal health and wellness class called me to see if I wanted to go shooting with his roommate and a couple of other people. In class we had talked about shooting and guns so he knew that I enjoy shooting and he wanted to set me up with his roommate, Jason. We took Jason's jeep and after topping at Walmart to get propane, gas, and pallets we headed out past R mountain. It only took us three times of turning around to find the turn off.

It was quite an experience for me, and very much a thrill. I'm quite proud of myself in that I have a pretty good shot. It only took me three shots to hit the propane can and make it explode. Yes I know very well that it was stupid and dangerous, but when I think about how cautious I usually am I felt like I would be ok. We did joke around with the fact that I may not be First Aid certified yet, but I am currently in the class and I know what to do. Sam knows all about my first aid class. He gets to hear me vent about my teacher every Monday and Wednesdays, since our class is right after.

This is me shooting. The first shot is right away and then goes the other two. On the third shot is when the propane can explodes. When you watch the video you can see how big it was. It was pretty sweet. Stupid, yes I will admit that, but sweet. The guy who kicks the can is Jason. He's the one Sam wanted to set me up with.

Oh and ignore the language. In my defense it was the first time I had met the guy who swore. (It wasn't Jason or Sam)

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