March 29, 2010

Another Weekend Adventure

Saturday was another adventure. This time our destination was out to the Ice and Civil Defence Caves. Around one Neil, Andy and Steve picked me up, then we headed to pick up his roommate Steve's girlfriend Michelle, and then we were off to find our destination.

We were in for a disappointment when we got to the turn off for the Ice Caves we discovered that the road was covered deep in snow and we wouldn't make it to the caves. So we turned around and headed towards the Civil Defence Caves. Luckily the dirt road leading to the cave didn't have as much snow and we were able to make our way. It was a bumpy ride and a couple of times we almost got stuck, but Neil's Toyota Land Cruiser was a trooper and made it.

I had never been to the Civil Defence Caves before. I've always heard about them; how you can take glow sticks and play hide and go seek in them. It's something I've always wanted to do, but have never had a chance. For this trip we didn't take glow sticks or play hide and go seek. We just went down into them and walked around. The cave wasn't very hard to walk through. There were some parts where you had to climb over and in between the rocks.

I had fun on this adventure. Here are some pictures of the caves.

All throughout the cave ice was growing up from the ground. Some of them were really big, and you could see right through them, such as can be seen in the picture below. We would have contests on seeing who could melt through them first by putting the light right up against the light. We also got some cool pictures of making a "torch" out of the ice, by sticking it on one of the flashlights and turning off the other flashlights.

After our excursion to the caves, I was dropped off at my apartment so I could shower and get cleaned up, then Neil once again picked me up for the Best Of Show on campus. Originally my roommate Rachel and Neil were suppose to be in it dancing, but since Rachel got sick and they didn't really have time to practice they weren't able to perform. The performances were a variety, ranging from dancing, to signing, playing the guitar, piano and even a photography slide show.

When the Best Of was over, a group of us headed over to the Nature Park for a big bonfire, with marsh mellows and chocolate. Sadly we forgot the gram crackers, but that didn't stop us from roasting the mellows.

Ah look how cute we are... I'm not quite sure as to what Neil is looking at.

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