February 28, 2010

Look Out Italy!

My best friend is leaving, on a special mission. A mission that will bring great joy to the wonderful people in the Malan, Italy mission.

Today was my best friends farewell. I drove down to Preston with a few friends to listen to her speak. It was a wonderful talk and for encouragement I made her a sign and held it up while she spoke. Don't worry the bishop couldn't see it. It was great to see her family again, and to spend time with Noel before she leaves on Wednesday.

There was a bunch of us from Rexburg; so us college students got a game of wallyball going.

Mike, Noel and I

I'm going to miss her so much. She helped me a lot and has been a wonderful friend. The people in Italy are truly blessed and lucky to have her come.

Good Luck Noel!

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