February 14, 2010

Hockey In Jackson

Hello Jackson, I've missed you.
Yesterday I went to Jackson Hole with my two friends Devin and Jordan. We went for the purpose of the world famous hockey team Jackson Hole Moose and to watch them play against the Park City Pioneers. Ok they're not world famous, but they were pretty good and fun to watch. It was a very exciting evening for me. I absolutely love Jackson, and driving there I had a hard time restraining my excitement.

First stop Billy's Burger.
Amazing burgers made right in front of your eyes. Here is Jordan, me and Devin waiting for our food.

Next heading to the game.
Devin is camera shy.

I had heard that the Roundup had closed, but didn't really believe it until I saw for myself the empty building. I was really sad seeing it so empty without the boots, toys, hats, polar bear and other random stuff it had once contained.

The hockey game is our purpose.
I love love love watching hockey. It is my favourite sport to watch.

Devin, me and Jordan enjoying the game.

Fight, Fight, Fight.... I was so hoping to see one, and I got what I wanted. Sadly it wasn't that big, but still a fight is a fight.

Me and Jordan just cheesing it up for the camera.

The Moose's mascot. He was a crazy character.

I couldn't leave Jackson without getting a picture in front of the antlers.

I was so glad that I had the chance to visit Jackson again. I plan on making another trip soon, especially now that I know my car will make it over the pass. This trip was the best birthday present.

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Celeste Pearson said...

Okay, so I've only been to one hockey game in my life, and I too wanted to see a fight!! I was so disappointed not to see one, it was the only reason I went. Have fun watching your hockey :) And has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like your mom??

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