November 15, 2009

Today I had a special opportunity to drive down to American Falls to see and hear my friend Steven Anderson give his mission farewell. I am so proud of Steve for making the decision to go. He was called to serve in Paraguay and leaves on Wednesday for the MTC. When Steve had called and told me he had put in his mission papers, I promised him I would come to his farewell talk. I kept that promise.
When I lived in Jackson, I came home one day with Steve, met his family, and got a grand tour of American Falls. I was surprised I remembered where there family owned shop was considering its been over a year and I've only been there once. These pictures are somewhat of a joke. When we got there we were about 45 minutes early so we drove around the small town, and found the Anderson family auto shop.

David found the beer can on the ground and insisted on taking a picture with it.

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