October 23, 2009

Where the junk is Blackfoot?

I went to an amazing concert on Wednesday night in Blackfoot. Boys Like Girls, Cobra Starship, and the Maine! Like I said, IT WAS AMAZING!!! I had the greatest time just singing my heart out, dancing, screaming and just having fun. There was no holding back for me; I went all out!
I went with a my friend Cory and a few of his other friends. At the beginning of the semester I had hear about the concert on IF's Z103.3 and knew instantly I was going. These were some of my favorite bands who I listen to often. It worked out perfectly that there was someone else who also really wanted to go.

The Maine was the first group to perform. I've never heard of them, but I like their songs, not so much their performance though. They felt like they needed to talk majority of their time up on stage and comment on how great a crowd we were even though we were in the middle of nowhere in a warehouse.

Cobra Starship was next to go. They were off the wall amazing! They had the best performance of the night, and they were really into the crowd. I wish I had known more of the songs they sang, but it was still great. The last two songs they performed, Hot Mess and Good Girls Go Bad set every one off. Everyone was singing, screaming and jumping all around. I even almost got knocked over which if I had would have resulted in breaking my new camera.

Boys Like Girls were the last group to perform. They were the main performance of the night and they were fantastic. I knew all the songs and at this point I was up front almost to the stage. At this point I was drenched with sweat and water that had been thrown out into the crowd by the bands. I didn't care, I just kept rocking on; screaming, singing, dancing and jumping up and down. Boys Like Girls didn't perform as well as Cobra Starship, but they were pretty awesome and like I said I was able to sing along.

After the Boys Like Girls performed their encore, the lead singer stood in the middle of the stage and just started yelling that he didn't care about the rules or what security thought, everyone was to get on stage. Sadly I wasn't able to, but I got right up next to the stage. It was awesome.

The lead singer jumped into the crowd. I almost was able to touch him, but I kept getting pushed.

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