September 20, 2009

The Redneck Experience

St. Anthony Demolition Derby
This past Saturday I had the opportunity to experience my first demolition derby. I had never been to one and had always wanted to go, so I tagged along with Mike, his girlfriend Kat, Scott, his sister and another one of his friends. I must say I felt really redneck that night, but I enjoyed watching the beat up cars ram into each other.

Lining up and getting ready
Mike and his girlfriend Kat (Funny thing, the girl behind Mike, I work with her... we didn't realize we were sitting next to each other, until halfway through the derby. We got a good laugh from it.)
Scott and me
Towing the clunker away

*More posts are soon to come of my new home, the experience of living with 18; yes 18 girls, work and how classes are coming along.

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