September 25, 2009

One Time

Justin Beiber
Ok, I just have to say that I am absolutely in love with this little kid. I'm sure it's not even legal but I am addicted to his song "One Time." His voice is amazing and is so addicting. I have it on repeat and I listen to it ALL the time. Funny thing about this song is that he is only 15 but talks as if he knows everything about love. It's ok... his voice makes up for his young age.

Check out his music video... you'll get a good laugh, but like I said. The song is amazing!
(I don't know how to actually post the video on my blog... I'm still trying to figure that out.)

1 comment:

Trent said... way...I'm a little hesitant to actually admit this, but I love that song/video and sometimes put it on repeat. LOL For some reason it just makes me smile/laugh every time I hear it.

I guess I'm just jealous of him for being so cool at such a young age and getting to chill with Usher!

I'm not sure how much he knows about love, but the way he acts around the girl in the video makes me think that he's never even held a girls hand before.

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