August 14, 2009

Seven Weeks.... Really?

I apologize for taking so long on getting this post out. It's been done for the most part, well all the pictures have been uploaded and I just need to explain everything. Enjoy my seven weeks.

Hello Seattle, and Surprise Family, I'm Home!
All I can really say is that I love Seattle. I found a song by Owl City called Hello Seattle, hence the title. I wish I could incorporate the song into my pictures, but sadly its not possible. I highly recommend listening to the song. It's a good one. As I was saying before I love Seattle and was able to visit it again with a few of my friends from school who had stayed for the seven week break. This trip home was a surprise. My family didn't know I was coming back to visit. I had told them I wasn't able to get time off work, which obviously was not true. I'm still chuckling about it. It was a fun surprise and I was so glad I was able to go home. I am a true western Washingtonian in that am proud of where I am from. This trip I was able to go and visit places I had never been before, such as the aquarium, and taking a tour boat around the harbor in Seattle.
Again I apologize, but I really don't feel like commenting on the pictures; there's is just too many.

Boating with the Pro's, and the Amateur's
I learned something new this summer. I learned how to wake board... and I have discovered it is not one of my talents. Maybe one boating trip just wasn't enough, but after having no feeling in my arms for a couple of days, I'm content on waiting awhile on giving it another go. Everyone else who went boating was good at it, and it was fun watching them show off.

Bonfires at the Dunes are Consider Parties in the U.S.A.
I'm listening to Miley Cyrus's song "Party in the U.S.A." as I was thinking of a title. So that explains the randomness.
I am a complete fan of bonfires, especially at the dunes. I love fires and enjoy sitting there and staring at it. It's even more fun when friends are there and someone is providing music by playing the guitar. A good fire, good company, and good music just make it a good ol' time.

If You Jump, I'll Jump.... or Maybe Not! SUCKA!!!!
Bridge jumping became a very popular activity this summer. I would go with a few guys from work, and yes I was the only girl. Nothing new there. I sadly report I still have never jumped.

Time Well Spent With the Family
I went down to Utah to visit my family at the end of Summer semester, right before the 7 week break started. It worked out perfectly that my family was down there for a wedding, and to visit other relatives. Lucky me was able to get Saturday off from work, so Friday when I got off I drove down to Bountiful to meet up with them. Then on there way back to Washington they stopped by in Rexburg to help me move into my new house, which I will post about later on when I get the time. I was extremely grateful, because I have a lot of stuff!

If you want any explanation on any of the pictures just let me know.

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Dallin & Ashley said...

very cute blog Kaylen...glad you posted it on facebook...update! tell us some stories of work :)

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