May 4, 2009

So much has been done, and there is more to come!

Major Disclaimer:  This post is really really long. It is a catch up of all the events that have happened the last few weeks since my return to good ol' Rexburg.

Ice Caves are fun but may result in some injuries.
Saturday I experienced something new. I experienced my first time through the ice caves. Chris, Adam, Joel, Scott, me and a few other people went out past the dunes, driving for about twenty minutes to get out there. It was a debate as to whether or not we would be able to make it out there due to if there was any snow and how much of it there was. The caves we went to is about a mile off the main road and if there was a lot of snow it would make it very difficult to get to them. Luckily for us there was hardly any snow, but a ton of mud! The boys were excited and they all drove their trucks. They wanted to play in the mud. 

Meet my new friend Adam. He's a funny kid who makes me laugh every time I'm around him. 
Behold the Boys and their toys.... oh and the mud too.
It was really cool being in the cave. The name of the cave most definitely fits it. There was literally ice everywhere covering the entire cave. I was very grateful that I brought gloves. It was a pretty intense cave. There was a point where we had to repel down, using a rope that was already there. We would have to crawl through tiny spaces, and also lay on our backs and use our feet to push against the roof so we would move. I must say I am still sore from using muscles I don't think I have ever used.  When we got to the end, there was an ice slide. It was pretty cool. At one point Chris went up the slide and we all turned off our flashlights, making him slide down in the dark. 

Poor Joel did not come out of the caves with getting hurt.... thanks to me. I mentioned before that there were points where we would have to lay on our backs and use our feet to push on the roof to get through. Well there came a point where the roof raised and I couldn't touch it with my feet, and I had no traction on the ice so I became stuck. That had happened to me when we were going through and the guy who was after me pushed me through. It happened again on the way out. I couldn't move and Joel didn't realize that resulting in colliding into my feet. I didn't realize that I had hurt him until we were almost out of the caves when someone shown a flashlight on his forehead and mentioned that he had a giant goose egg. I felt really bad, and he still is not letting me forget it. 
I did not come out so lucky either. I wore the wrong pair of jeans that had holes in them, and ended up scraping my knees pretty badly when we were crawling through, scraping them on the rocks. I too didn't realize I was bleeding until I was out of the cave. I was pretty excited that I came out with a wound. Don't ask my why. 

Happy Birthday Mandy!!
My new roommate Mandy turned 20 on wednesday. It was a fun celebration in that a cake was made and so was a trip to Bajio. 
Reed looks so thrilled to be in the same picture as me...
All of us together. From left to right it goes- Noel, Mandy, Lindsay, Casey, Kaylee and me. 

Aaron and me love riding together in the car. 

Lets go Play Kickball
The first FHE activity of the semester started with a game of kickball. We were assigned our groups. The odds are just great, 12 girls to 4 guys. There are two girl apartments and only one guy apartment. We got lucky this semester in that I we were put together with my good friends Brice and Tyler. I have never been in the same FHE group as them, but I used to hang out with them all the time and they are fun to be around. This semester is looking to be a lot of fun.

Bowling with the Boys
I am a fan of bowling. I'm not that good at it, but at the same not I'm not horrible at it. My best score so far is a 145. That may not be the highest to some people, but to me that is a big score. I went with Chris and some of his roommates bowling. I can tell you I did not get a very good score.

Capture the Flag- Idaho Style
Idaho has a different way of playing capture the flag. In elementary school I remember playing in P.E. wearing the goofy looking flags around our wastes trying our best to not have the opposing team yank them off you. In Idaho they don't have flags, and you don't play in P.E. In Idaho you play at night wearing all dark clothes. It is a sneaky game, and we had to be creative in trying to find the opposing teams glow stick, even if it meant getting in your car and driving to the other side trying to see if you can sneak onto their side without being noticed, or pretending to be runners on a warm nights jog. The game was fun but turned into a long one and eventually we all just called it quits. Plus people were getting annoyed and creating new rules. 
Nate showed off his climbing skills....
... and how well he can fit into a trunk.

Don't Shoot the Bunny!
Brice and Reed took Noel and I shooting. It was the first Saturday back and we decided it was a nice day. Shooting is one thing I enjoy and am up for it any time. Plus I don't have that bad of a shot. We drove around for awhile trying to decide where to pull off the road and go shoot. Finally we found a spot, and as we were getting to our destination we happened to startle a baby moose. 
Before we started shooting, Reed and I went off to make sure the area was secure and there was no one else around. As we were walking a rabbit ran out from hiding and Reed took off shooting it. As we were chasing after it, we here this "run bunny run!" Noel was watching us and saw us go after it. She is against killing animals for the fun of it. It was really funny though because she said it softly but we could still hear her. 

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