May 2, 2009

The Break to Washington that was Much Needed.

Disclaimer: This post is REALLY long. It is all about my Easter/week break.

Day 1: Driving down to Utah all by my lonesome the Saturday before Easter.
Lets just say it was a long drive, since it was only me in the car... luckily no one else was in it to hear me singing. : )
To help keep my cousins entertained we played around on photo booth. 

Day 2: Easter Morning. 
The discovery that blue candy eggs make your lips turn blue.
I learned that I am terrible at Mario Kart on the Wii.... I lost every single time due to falling off cliffs or getting stuck in malls.

Day 3: The Drive to Washington.
I picked up Noel in Ogden and we headed up to Twin Falls area to pick up Trent. The trip was scheduled to be fourteen hours so we decided to have some fun by ridiculous games and stopping at places.
On the way to pick up Trent we decided to take a detour and stop at Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls. The falls are known as the Niagara Falls of Idaho. They were amazing to see.  

Day 4: The Sound, The Zoo, and whatever else there was to see.
Noel had never been to a zoo before so we went to Point Defiance Zoo. There were lots animals and it was a lot of fun walking around, goofing off. 
I have a thing about peacocks. Last summer I had a henna tattoo on my wrist of a peacock which represented peace, love and some other things. I was fascinated when I actually got to see one up close.
This elephant could not stop smiling... or at least it looked like it was smiling.
The zoo had a children's petting area so we went and fed the goats.
Before we went into the petting area, there was a bunch of school kids and adults, well it was a question of who was keeping who out of mischief.... the adults were playing in the snail shell. So after we got done petting the goats we came back out and had fun too.

Day 5: Day with the Parents.
In deciding what we should do for the day, it was decided that we would drive up to Forks, where the Twilight series were based out of.... Now just as a disclaimer, I am not that big of a Twilight fan; I liked the books and the movie was ok, but I'm not a huge fan. It was a disappointment though when we got into Forks, and Bella's 'house' and 'truck' were not the actual ones. I think all the attention got to the people of Forks head. 
On the way back home we drove along the coast and stopped at the ocean... Now I don't remember the name of the beach where we stopped. I do remember though that it starts with a K. Maybe I'll find out later on. I love the ocean so much. Just being able to walk barefoot in the sand. 

Day 6: Day in Seattle
I have mentioned before in one of my previous posts that Seattle is my favorite place in the world. I really enjoy spending time there just walking around. Pike Place Market is one of my favorite areas in Seattle to spend time at. This trip to Seattle Noel and I went up the Space Needle. Apparently I've been up it before when I was younger, but I don't remember that so this was a new experience for me. The view of the city was amazing and breathtaking. 

Tulip venders were everywhere in Pikes Place. I really wanted to buy some, but I knew they wouldn't last especially since we were going to a Mariners game later on that night.

The Good Luck Pig.
The Mariners game. Sadly we lost against the Angels and Ken Griffey Jr. didn't play.

Day 7: Back to the 'Burg we go.
The drive was long, very long. Noel and Trent slept most of the way. We made a quick stop at Multnomah Falls.  
Going over the Blue Mountains in Oregon my car decided to overheat. While we let it sit and cool down, the golf clubs were pulled out.
My poor little car.

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