March 29, 2009

What We do to get our Chinese Food... in Jackson

A long overdue trip was made to Jackson yesterday. Over the mountains and through the woods Noel and I drove to get our chinese food that we have waited almost six months for. Earlier in the semester we had planned on going, but that weekend I ended up going and visiting an old roommate. I love Jackson so much, and I was extremely excited to go not just for the chinese but to see the town I worked and lived in again. We had hoped that the weather would be somewhat decent, and it wasn't that bad except for going through the pass it snowed hard and we had to be extremely careful, but it was worth it. The whole trip was worth it! 

The funny thing about this trip, is mainly we went for the chinese food, and Chinatown was the first place we stopped at. Well when we got there, we discovered it was CLOSED! Yes our delicious food was CLOSED!! So instead we went to Merry Piglets a very good mexican restaurant and waited FIVE hours till Chinatown opened. The wait was completely worth it. Hill Climbs were this weekend so the town was crowded, but it was fun playing tourist. 

Sick... too much snow!!!


Crazy skiers hiking up the pass only to go down the mountain than climb right back up it.

I finally got my picture with bigfoot. I never got a chance when I lived here so I made sure I did.

Who would do such a cruel thing to a baby zebra!!

Look at our cute new hats we got! 

Cheesing it up with the buffalo!

Believe me, the five hour wait was worth it. Oh heavenly chicken how I missed you!!!

While at Chinatown our favorite waiter Wandi was still there so it was fun to see him again and to get free fortune cookies. Also our friend Jenn Wyatt came along and ate with us. She had come up to work this weekend because of the Hill Climbs so we convinced her to join us in the deliciousness. By the time we left I was completely satisfied! : )

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