March 5, 2009

Back to the Farm

Last week Reed, Dan and I went to Burley to go and visit my roommate from last semester. I had posted a post before about going to Gabe's farm. Instead of milking cows and witnessing births we just stuck to the four wheelers. I was really happy to see Gabe and her family again. They are wonderful people and make me feel welcome every time I see them. 

We were lucky that the weather held out on us and didn't snow. The forecast had predicted snow, but lucky for us that didn't happy. It was still a bit chilly, but with warm clothes it wasn't to much of a problem. 

The boys were smart and brought their own helmets. It wasn't until after riding around for awhile and getting much and I don't want to even think about what else on our faces and mouths that Gabe and I decided we better get our own protection. I was grateful that I brought gloves and wore long johns under my holy jeans; the wind really bit into us. 

We're pretty hardcore, well until the point when Reed decided to knock Gabe and mine heads together. Look at us in our helmets. 

We rode the four wheelers up into the hills where the D is that you can see from the town. I'm a very cautious person and wasn't comfortable riding all by myself, especially since it was steep, muddy, and there was snow. I climbed on the back of Reed's four wheeler and rode with him. When we got to the top we stopped to enjoy the view and Reed pulled out his gun. Any chance I get at shooting a gun I take it. For some reason I get a thrill out of it. I'm not the greatest shooter, and Dan proved that when he took hold of the gun and had better aim then I did. 

If you look closely in the background you can see the farming community of Declo. 

You can tell how muddy it was by all the mud covering the four wheeler and yes my gluteus maximus (had to get some human anatomy terminology in there). My poor shoes didn't do so well either. They got it the worse. 

It was a very successful day of riding through the hills and feeling the cold breeze hit our face. 

The guys have this thing where they like to make faces. After getting back and showering, then a couple rounds of ping-pong (I watched... a ball and a paddle... nope no coordination there for me) we went to a dinner that Gabe's stake was putting on for the singles ward. Steven James was the special guest who put on an interesting performance of singing about how he met his wife (the pressure of getting married never ends). Lets just say as soon as it was over we got out of there quick and went straight for the bowling alley.

Look closely at Bowler Babe's score. Yes that is my score!!! I kicked everyones trash the first game... I wont mention the second, but the first was amazing for me. The best score I've ever gotten in bowling. I think it must have been the music or the fact that I used a size smaller ball then I usually do, but whatever it was it was my night!!! I must say I'm very proud of myself!

Gabe's and mine roommate from last semester, Lindsey is in Jerusalem this semester so we decided to make her a sign saying we missed her. On the back of each paper we wrote notes to her telling her how much we miss her. I love seeing all of our creative skills. 

This semester has been a challenge for me. Honestly I've been an emotional wreck, on the verge of tears every minutes. There have been quite a few times where I've had to go and hide from people and just cry. I now know all the spots in the Library where I can hide and not have people see me so vulnerable. I'm not doing very well and in need of a lot of support and patience. I think a lot of it has to do with me not knowing what to do with my life and what path I'm suppose to take. A lot of my friends are graduating or getting married and I'm in a rut where nothing is happening. I've been thinking a lot that maybe it's time for me to transfer and try someplace new. It's just been a thought, but once again I'm changing my major and it has been a strong feeling that I need to go to a different school to pursue my new choice in major. 

I write this note because it was good for me to get out of town. I've done that a lot this semester on the weekends, going to Preston with Noel or down to Utah. I've been joking with my friends in my ward that I'm going inactive, which is totally not true. I'm going to church just not at my college ward. I was really glad to see Gabe and that Reed and Dan asked me to come along and to get out for the day to forget all of my troubles. It calms me and I feel peace when I'm away and not have to worry about grade or homework. 

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tauleleilani said...

Hi Kaylen!! you're probably like, "she's so random!" but i read your post bc your link is onmy blog and it says you updated it! i chatted with gabe on facebook and she said that you all went out! soo fun! anyway. i just wanted to tell ya that i feel you about byui and searching for a change of some kind or moving on with your life. i had that all last semester and it was seriously not doing me any good. i was crying a lot...i just hoped no one saw or took notice. i've been in college for 7 years since i graduated...that sounds so disgusting, but its true, and i finally am gettting down to what i wanna do.(ive changed my major around a lot). and now i have hope about my future. i'm just going to get my undergrad done and THEN do what i really wanna do for grad school. but i did really bad, like, summ semester is only a bunch of classes that i did bad in. i feel like a loser. but i really am setting goals to just focus on school, do good and stay positive, so i'm optimistic about it, especially about returing to byui...gosh. i kinda don't want the whole marriage shoved down my throat thing, but i understand that everything will be alright as long as i push forward, and that heavenly father knows us and knows the best time for us to receive what we want. so i hope that helps. i get so frustrated easily with my life, but i know that if i just remain patient and do everything right i'll get what i want. so you will too girlfriend!!!! wish you the best!!

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