February 7, 2009

Girl Date Night.... Plus David

I got out of my Bio 200 lab Friday afternoon and I couldn't help but think to myself, I really need to do something fun tonight.... so I called up Noel and we planned on doing a Girl Date Night. We planned on going out to dinner then go and see the new movie that came out yesterday He's Just Not That Into You. As we were getting ready we decided to invite our friend David along. I'm really glad we did. He made the night even more fun. : )

First Stop: Wingers
David not quite ready to have his picture taken.

Noel and I

Next Stop: Craigos for some Desert
Craigos has all these cheesy pickup lines on each of the tables and this was what ours read. We got a good laugh out of that one.

That was the number for our Cookie Monster. Took forever for it to come... but oh it was worth the wait!

I went to pretend I was kissing David on the cheek but he moved his head I ended up kissing him for real on the cheek. For some reason in this picture I look like I'm nibbling on his ear.... 

Last Stop: The Movie

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