February 12, 2009

21 and Legal Swoosh....

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!!! Finally after waiting for 21 years I am finally legal for that drink..... Totally Kidding!!!!! Growing up you have certain birthdays that you look forward to, at 16 you are finally controlling the roads and that sweet 16 kiss (not in my case), 18 is graduating from high school and becoming an adult. Then there is 21... Being LDS and having certain standards I do not drink, but that doesn't mean I wasn't allowed to have fun.

My 21st birthday I have to say was the best birthday I've ever had.... My roommates even though we don't know each other very well were amazing and so were my friends. They made my birthday really fun and special. They made me a big sign and hung it outside in the stairwell for me and everyone else to see. They also baked me a cake and got me a couple of presents. It was fantastic! I love them so much for it. 

 Juan my FHE brother got tickets to a Jazz, Lakers basketball game for all of my roommates and I. We all went down to Salt Lake even though my birthday fell on a Wednesday. Are seats were nose bleed seats... I mean literally. We were the last row, actually we didn't even have a row we had to climb over seats... and our chairs were folding chairs. It was the true definition of nose bleed. But it didn't matter to me. I was just so happy to actually be at the game. 

We were cheering for the Lakers, who ended up loosing. I didn't really care as to who won, but it was fun cheering for the rival team (Lakers). 

After the game all of us were hungry and so we headed to a place close to the University  of Utah called The Pie... It's a popular pizza place for the college kids. We got lost so I called my friend Joe, who ended up meeting us there. I haven't seen Joe since this past summer in Jackson so I was really glad to see him. 

The walls were covered with different things that people had written. 

Thank You everyone for an amazing birthday!! 

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