January 24, 2009

This week has been voted.... The worst week EVER!

This week has been voted in my book the worst week ever. Here are the reasons why:
  • I failed ALL of my tests. 
  • Extremely sick with a very sore throat (luckily I was tested negative for strep throat.)
  • It's that "special" time of the month (sorry if you're a guy reading this.) 
  •  Major crampage 
  • Continuous running nose (I'm surprised my nose hasn't fallen off yet.)
  •  It's snowing again! I HATE THE SNOW!
  • I had a solo guitar test where I had to sing and I couldn't because of my throat.
  • Fell on the ice and bruised my hip
I just couldn't believe this was all happening to me. Everything was going so well. I had a daily routine going on where I was exercising faithfully, working on my tan, studying hard, going to all my classes, and just enjoying life. Then BAM! My throat started hurting. I had to call in sick at work because it got to the point where it hurt so bad to talk. Luckily the doctor said I didn't have strep. 

The week got so much better as I failed BOTH tests I studied hard for. I mean why? I do good on the quizes and the hw. I participate in class.... Then I go and take the tests which I have studying my butt of and FAIL both of them! I'm seriously to the point of giving up. 

It even got better when on top of being sick I get major cramps from my period. (Once again sorry for the bluntness.) So I'm in pain and I'm drugged up. I'm on Amoxicillin for my throat, ibuprofen for the swelling and cramps, PLUS Midol. Do any of these drugs help? NO!!! I'm withering in pain and trying to keep it in because I don't like to put my problems on other people. I'm an emotional wreck. 

To top it all off..... IT'S FREAKING SNOWING!!!!!! And I fell on the ice and hurt my side. 

Worst week ever.

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