December 12, 2008

Is this Semester Really Over?

The end of the semester has finally come. With the stress of finals, the need of some fun was strong. A bunch of us decided to spend the time together one last time before everyone left. We went to Arctic Circle to eat and then headed to the REX Center to go bowling.

Reed locked us out of the living room, so we locked him in our pantry.

We like making funny faces

Oh Reed. Silly Boy.

The real Brice.

Hi Tyler.

Gabe's a pro at bowling.

Dan and Gabe

Lindsey and I even though according the the REX we are LindSAY and I'm KayLAN. 

Three dollar Thursday at the REX Center

The whole group.

It's really sad because half of the group is leaving. Lindsey is going to Jerusalem; Gabe is going to CSI and trying to get into Hygiene school and Brice is off track so he's going back to Washington. I've known Brice, Dan, Tyler and Reed for a really long time, but this semester we really didn't get to hang out, so this night was a fun night just being together as friends. I'm going to miss everyone! 

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