November 1, 2008

Never too Young to Dress Up

Now that we are all grown up and are not necessarily allowed to go trick or treating, we as college students have come up with another way to have fun on this ghoulish holiday. Dressing up and partying the night away is how we have fun.... See how creative we were on HALLOWEEN!!

The two Brazilian cowboys. 

Lindsey dressed up as a flapper and I was a greek goddess even though I felt like a tree goddess since I was in all green.

The whole group: Erica (she was a troll), Me, Nate, Lindsey, and Nate's roommate Matt.

Erica couldn't fit in the car properly!

At the Brazilian party which we ended up leaving early because we all felt out of place. lol.

Eating at the best pizza place ever Craigos.

Are we having fun? AAAAAAHHHHH yes!
You would think they were on something.

It was a long night but we had fun, and ended up falling asleep while watching What About Bob!


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