October 12, 2008

Follow the Yellowstone Road....

The second weekend of this semester three of my roommates and I decided to be adventurous and take a road trip to Yellowstone. Lindsey and I had never been before... well I have but I was little and don't remember any of it. Sarah, Erika, Lindsey and I got up early Saturday morning, packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and hit the road. We knew the weather was not going to necessarily be pleasant, but we grabbed our raincoats and said we would brave the weather. The beginning of the trip the weather was kind to us, and it warmed up, but every once in a while the rain would pound on us. Luckily it was during the parts where we were driving through the park, and not out looking at all the amazing aspects of nature. It was a long day, but we had a lot of fun. 
Our first stop was in a small town called Madison. We saw these buffalos everywhere throughout the town, with different artistic designs on them. I thought they were awesome and insisted we get a picture by at least one of them.
Lindsey and I thought this cowboy was very good looking and just had to kiss him on the cheeks. To bad he's plastic and I couldn't bring him home with me. 
I was in the mood to kiss everything I saw... don't ask. 
While in Madison, we all went in and out of little gift shops, and for me it was total deja vu. I felt like I was back in Jackson at the Roundup. Every shop had the same souvenirs and random junk that my old job did. The Roundup even had these cowgirl hats that Sarah and I are modeling. 
I really really like this picture. I think its because of the lighting, but my eye color is really popping out. Plus I have cute roommates and this is a really good picture of us.
We were all curious as to whether or not the dirt, sand, clay or whatever you want to call it was hot, so Lindsey was the brave one who volunteered to touch it. 
This was at the first geyser we spotted, pulled off the road to stop and take pictures.  
After taking this picture, poor Erika(in blue) tripped and fell over a root. We all felt bad for her, but also got a good laugh... and we were laughing with her, not at her. : )
Next stop.... Old Faithful. Luckily when we got there a few minutes before it did it's thing and amaze the crowd of people. I thought it was cool, but to be honest I think it is a little overrated. But all in all it was fun to watch and observe the people around me who got all excited when it started to go off.
This picture of the little boy jumping on the geyser was located all around the park....I got a good laugh, and would comment every time I saw it on how stupid the little boy is to do that. lol!
As we were leaving Old Faithful I declared myself queen of the gravel stump. Erika didn't agree with that and tried de-ruling me, while Sarah tried showing off her muscles.
I think we get the point....
And I was hoping to take a little dip.... darn.
I thought this was super cool. At one point the cloud reached the sky and it had the look of a tornado.
It started to rain a little, so up went the hood.  
I don't remember why, but Lindsey and I decided that we wanted a booty picture. 
This waterfall was gorgeous. I have a picture with me in front of it, but I really don't like how I look in it, so I'm posting this one. Haha!
This part of the park I think was my favorite. The little pools were really interesting, sadly we didn't get to stay long because it started to rain hard, and plus there was lightning. As much as I love lightning and thunder I was not really in the mood to get fried. 
I really really really like my shoes! : )
We are such good photographers... braving the rain with our cameras.
Isn't this beautiful... Like I said before, this was my favorite part!
Um... yeah, when we saw those nasty clouds, we said lets hit the road jack.....
Usually they tell you not to do these things, but sneaky me changed the rules allowing me to do those things..... (Ok so we just cropped the top part of the sign out of the picture.)

By the end of the day we were all exhausted, cold and wet. But we all had fun, and saw lots of buffalo.... sadly I have yet to see a bear. Maybe next time!

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