August 13, 2008

Crazy Mormons in Jackson....What are they doing?

For FHE this past Monday, the activities committee became really creative. Noodle Wrestling was to be our activity for the night. When I first heard, I had no idea as to what I was in for, and at first was hesitant. Who knew that wrestling in Top Ramon noodles could be so much fun! And Messy!!!!!! Liz and I preparing to wrestle

And it doesn't look so good for me.....

She's taking me down....ahhhhh!

I'm sad to say I was defeated....Sad Day!

Helping me up...the tarp was really slippery

Liz and I after wrestling. She's the Champ and I'm the Loser. Lol!
Let the war begin!!
Haha so much fun throwing noodles at eachother!

Getting noodles stuffed down my shirt by Joe... oh gross!
Dog Pile!

Steve and I
Look at the mess!!!

Jordan O' this kid to death!
Crazy Joe Walker, one of my many loves here in Jackson

Sweet Kirk and I
A big group climbed into the back of Marc's truck to head to Flat Creek
Waiting for my turn to be de-noodled!
Getting cleaned off at Kirks house

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