July 26, 2008

Catching Up

I apologize for not being good at keeping this up to date, but its hard when I don't have internet access very often. Also I don't carry my camera around with me very often anymore so I don't have alot of pictures. I'm having alot of fun, not so much with work but with my singles ward and living in Jackson its been quite an experience. This past week has been fun though with the Emo dance party (Picture Below) and then on Friday night my ward put on an 80's Dance. It was crazy and alot of fun dressing up and not caring if I looked like a fool. The pictures below are from majority of my time here in Jackson just to show what I've been doing.
This was a really fun and random night! I went to a half hour dance party that was Emo themed and at a bus stop. The rules to this dance was that we had to show up at 10:12 and we couldn't be late. It was a lot of fun and one of the most random things I've ever done.

A quick dance party in Moose, Wy on our way to Phelps Lake

Group of us that hiked to Phelps Lake at 1 in the morning

Hiking up Jenny Lake

I made it to the top!! : )

Jake climbing with no shoes

Sven showing off his talents

Noel seeing if she can fit in a toddler swing and Joe being of survice!

Joe and I

Noel having fun!

Sarah, Shannon and I after our hike up Snow King. Stephanie was kind enough to bring us scarves and hats for our bike ride home.

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