May 5, 2008

Visit to Good Ol' Rexburg

On my way to Jackson, I stopped in Rexburg for a couple of days to hang out with some friends. Chris, Scott and Mike invited me to go to the Ice Caves with them and a few other people. When we got out to the turn off of the road to get to the caves we discovered that the trail was still covered in snow. The guys decided it would be fun to see how far the trucks could get before they got stuck...not very long! Haha! I had a lot of fun and got really dirty! Joel, Chris, Carlos, anonymous guy, and Mike Pushing (this is how I got Mike dirty, I was in the car pushing the gas pedle.)

Joel did a pretty good job at getting stuck

Pulling the truck out from being stuck

Hehe...I got Mike all dirty!

Some of us in the back of Scott's truck


samwise_2 said...

Kaylen you're hot.

Kaylen said...

um i know you?

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