April 16, 2008

Chris, Mike, and I drove back to Washington since it was the end of the semester. Chris and I discovered that our families live in neighboring towns so it became convienent to ride together, and although Mike is from the Tri-Cities area he came and spent the weekend with Chris. I was really glad they came becuase it gave me things to do for a few days before they headed back to Rexburg and I stayed in Washington not having to go back for two weeks.
It was alot of fun meeting Chris's mom and sister Natalia. They are awesome. Tuesday Chris, his sister Natalia, Mike and I went down to Sunny Side Beach and hung out for awhile having fun. I'm going to miss those guys now that they are on their way to Rexburg.
Mike, Chris, and I having fun in the Tree

We were suppose to be making the Super Man sign but I was having problems!

Chris and Me

Chris is a Monkey

Mike and Chris

Chris and his sister Natalia

Chris, Mike, and I went to a Mexican Resturant in Dupont, like every other mexican place you are given chips and salsa....well Mike came up with this rule that if someone eats the last chip, the other person has to drink the salsa. Chris lost the first time, but the second time Mike lost. Haha so much for coming up with your own rules!

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Kenealey Family said...

Hey! How are you? So are you taking the summer off, or do you go back for spring/summer? It must be nice to be close to home... but not too close! :-) I wish we were a little closer so we could do little weekend trips home! Anytime you wanna come down to Texas... you know who to call! :-) Love ya!

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