February 5, 2008

Who Said that Playing in the Snow Isn't Fun!

Last night Kelsey, Jennie and I went to Kendell's house with Dan and Reed to go and Have some fun in the snow! When we got to Kendell's house we bundled up and headed out to have some fun! Four of us, Kelsey, Jennie, me and Dan got onto the sled and Kendell pulled us around. A couple of times we fell off, but it was a blast. At one points we had gigantic dogs chasing us adding ot the fun. After awhile we just goofed off in the snow while Kendell took people for rides on the snow mobile. It was a ton of fun just having a great time with friends, and Kendell's mom is amazing. I absolutly love her. When we were done and freezing she made us hot chocolate to help us warm up. Times like these are what make me so grateful for choosing to come to Rexburg.We are ready to have some fun!

We weren't quite ready

You know you want some of this

Kelsey, Me and Jennie getting ready for some fun!

Kendell is so excited to play in the SNOW!

We are the new Cool Runnings team, "Ya Man"

The group at Kendell's house getting ready to have some fun!

I'm the modern George of the Jungle

Kendell tackling me to the ground

Reed, Me, Dan, Kelsey and the gigantic dogs

I'm a pro when it comes to this

Kelsey, Jennie and I

Reed just chillin on the snow mobile

Dan Booty and Me

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