February 12, 2008

Two Decades Old and Feeling Young!

On Monday(February 11th) was my 20th birthday. To celebrate this joyous day a big group of us went to Craigo's Gourmet Pizza & Pasta place dressed up as our favorite movie character. This was a fun idea and it was fun seeing what everyone dressed up as. I went as Lucy from my new favorite movie, Across the Universe, so basically I was a hippie! Some of my roommates went as "Bond Girls" and they got our friend Dan to be James Bond. My roommate Emily went as Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island and she looked really cute. I do have to say my favorite costume was my old roommate Jenni who dressed up as the pregnant girl from Juno....(she's not pregnant in real life.) Other characters where Superman, Chuck Norris, Ricky Bobby, and other creative characters. I had so much fun and I have to say this was one of the best birthday's I've ever had! I love all of my friends for making it fun and special!
Some of the group who went to Craigo's to celebrate my birthday

Jenni is the pregnant girl from Juno, and I'm Lucy from Across the Universe

Adri and Jenni my old roommates who I love!


Aids I love you!

My two favorite boys, Devin and Aaron

Superman, Mary Ann(Gilligan's Island), and Lucy(Across the Universe)
Now the question is which one is the father! lol!

We love desert pizza so much we don't care that it's in our teeth!

Devin feeding me my cookie monster cake

Devin your face is precious...but Kendell I would be cautious...

Um...Devin why do you have your hand on my stomach?

Melissa....I absolutly love this girl!

Me and Alex

Me and Kendell looking full....well he is.

Scott and Me


Jenn Skalla said...

Kaylen I had so much fun last night! I forgot how much I love hanging out with you, Adri, Melissa, Tyler, Derik, Alex, etc. We really need to do it more often! And I love the pictures! Thanks for clairifying that I am not really pregnant! hehe hope you had a fantastic birthday! Love you!

Stacie said...

happy birthday, love

Kenealey Family said...

Happy late late birthday!! You look beautiful!

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