January 31, 2008

Road Trip to Washington

This past weekend Jennie, Emily and I went to Burbank, Washington for our friend Chase's farewell. We left early Friday morning and made it there within nine hours. It was a fun weekend. We stayed at Brice's house and his family was awesome. Emily and me went shopping on Saturday and we got to hang out with Chase for a little bit. What was sad though was that on Saturday night there was an ice storm and then on Sunday it snowed about six inches making the roads impossible to drive on. So church was cancelled, meaning Chase didn't get to give his farewell talk, and we weren't able to leave when we had originally planned because the mountain passes were closed. I was really sad because I didn't get to say goodbye to Chase. We left to return to Rexburg on Monday morning. The drive took us fourteen hours and going through the passes were horrible.

On the drive there in Oregon we found this Redneck Cafe and we got a good laugh out of it.

We're almost there!

It's more like "Nevergreen" State! Haha that's quoting Brice's brother Wayne who is on a mission.

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