August 6, 2018

Feeding the Ducks


July 24, 2018


Monday night mom and I had a girls night and went to see the musical Oklahoma up at Sundance. One part about Utah that I do love is being so close to the mountains and the many different activities they offer. The Sundance Summer Theater is one of them. The show started at 8 and so we went to Zupas for dinner and then headed up the canyon afterwards. I've only ever been to Sundance a couple of times and it has been during the evening so I didn't really know where the parking was. We ended up driving past Sundance and started going up the Alpine Loop. Eventually we realized we were not where we were suppose to be, so we turned around and headed back down the road. 

We parked in the Upper parking lot and then caught the shuttle down to the base of Sundance. The theater is about 500 yards up a hill from the base and so we chose to walk rather than take the tracker pull ride. It was quite a steep hill, but we made it. The amphitheater is small and really cute. We purchased tickets on the benches, but there was also grass seating. The people sitting next to us were smart and had brought a blanket to drape over the seats that was big enough to share with us, which made the bench a little bit more comfortable to sit on. 
Oklahoma Elder Bednar
As we were waiting for the shuttle to come and take us to the base of the mountain, mom pointed out that Elder Bednar was behind us. He was there with his wife and some other family. We didn't get a chance to speak to him, but his wife did sit next to me on the shuttle and asked if mom and I were sisters. As soon as we found our seats we spotted them and had to take proof that we saw them. 
Pictures and video were not allowed so I had to be sneaky in taking a picture.
And while mom, dad, and Nanny are away we can always count on Cindy and Mckenzie to keep Oliver entertained. :)

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